Reliable Laboratory Testing Services


Everywhere we go, lab testing is essential. They will come in handy at some point in our life, whether it was for a job opportunity, to keep our health in check, to travel to a certain place, or even as an academic requirement. In this situation, it’s important to find a reliable laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina that can meet your needs right away and provide accurate results as well! PHD Laboratory can help you with that!

Laboratory tests must not be performed hastily or poorly because doing so could affect the outcome and ultimately risk whatever objectives we may have for obtaining these services. If you depend on us to conduct the necessary diagnostic tests, we’ll make sure that you will get prompt, accurate results.

Our services include PCR in North Carolina. They will be facilitated by our team of competent professionals who will make sure that you will feel comfortable as you receive our services.

We can also provide you with medication monitoring where you will be supported by our compassionate personnel. This is a great help if you want to ensure that your medication is taken according to proper instructions and that any potentially harmful drug interactions are prevented.

Additionally, if you require one, we can offer you a dependable drug test. You can get in touch with us whenever you need our reliable laboratory testing services because our professionals are working hard to respond to all of your concerns and inquiries. You may visit us or make an appointment today!

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