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We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and tools to get individuals the health outcomes they need for personal development, career enrichment, and more.

COVID-19 Testing

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the threat of COVID-19.

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Pharmacogenomics Testing / PGX

Simply put, pharmacogenetics is the study of the impact of genes on the body’s response to certain medications.

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Drug Testing

Drug testing is an important assessment that allows you or others to know whether you are taking illegal practices. It is mostly required for employment, work, etc. There are many ways to do the test.

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Avoid potential diseases by knowing more about your body’s components.

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Toxicology Screening

Whether for federal or employment purposes, we vow accuracy in drug tracing.

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There’s more we can offer for your health and disease diagnostics.

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Laboratory Tests in Charlotte, North Carolina

Staying health-conscious can be difficult when you don’t know much about your health status. To get ahead, utilize the health resources available to you, like laboratory tests and other forms of screening. PHD Laboratory ensures you get fast, accurate, and comprehensive diagnoses of your health concerns.

Now you can make informed decisions about your health, lifestyle, and happiness. Have you scheduled screening at our laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina?

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Our mission is to revolutionize the diagnostics industry with fast and reliable testing results for various purposes and outcomes, giving patients the boost they need to finally take hold of their health.

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