Importance of Conducting Drug Testing


Significant impairment from substance abuse often results in long-term addiction or persistent use. Due to the increased likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries, using illicit drugs puts people’s safety at risk. Employers and employees can use drug testing to create a safer and more productive workplace.

In today’s society, drug testing is more routine in many workplaces. Drug laboratory tests are usually done during pre-employment or at random times. It is still quite important in many employment circumstances and may be very helpful in determining who to hire.

As a leading provider of PCR in North Carolina, PHD Laboratory believes in the following reasons why employers ask their employees to undergo drug testing:

  • Increases Work Productivity
    When routine drug testing is implemented, a company’s output rates rise. Employees who don’t use drugs are frequently left to make up for the lost productivity brought on by drug users, creating resentment in the workplace.
  • For a Safe Work Environment
    There are more accidents and injuries at work as a result of employees who are impaired while at work.
  • Saves Cost
    Pre-employment drug testing is a terrific approach for organizations to drastically cut down on expensive employee turnover caused by drug use. Employees who use drugs illegally are frequently let go. That implies that the business would need to replace them by hiring new workers.

To know more about the significance of drug testing, you may visit us in our laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina.!

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