A Simple Guide to Laboratory Tests

  • What should I prepare?

    Laboratory tests involve a health care provider taking samples of your bodily fluids, including blood, urine, and other body fluid or tissue.

    Some lab tests help diagnose or screen for specific conditions, while some are for medication monitoring to see if the treatment is effective. In other cases, these tests provide general information about your body systems and organs.

  • Are there special requirements/preparations?

    Whether you need a lab test for PCR in North Carolina or a blood glucose test, it’s essential to follow all the instructions given to you by your healthcare provider before and after the procedure. If you fail to follow instructions, be honest with the professionals in charge. Remember that even the slightest change in the instructions could impact our results.

  • What else should I know?

    Let your healthcare provider know if you take medicines, vitamins, or supplements. Many lab tests don’t require special preparations; you only need to answer any questions related to the tests. However, in tests such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels, you may need to do some specific preparations before the test.

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